Queenie's Consignment


Queenie's Consignment is a boutique consignment store that specializes in couture women's fashion and trendy furniture. Queenie's sells handbags, shoes, fine and costume jewelry, high end label women's fashion, as well as furniture and home accessories.

2755 Lavista Rd.

Decatur, GA 30033



Mon-Thu: 10-6

Fri: 10-8

Sat: 10-6

Sun: 12-5


I had the nicest message from my friend, Joan, the other day that really made me feel good. Let me share it with you:

“Queenie’s is so much more than a shop. It’s a gathering place and a source for connection among neighbors and friends. Hope you feel so proud of creating such a meaningful space.”

queenies crew.jpg

I was like, BINGO! You nailed it! This is what I had envisioned from day 1. I wanted Queenie’s to be a happy place where everyone wanted to gather…like your sister’s house on Thanksgiving. A place where all are welcome and loved. Yes, we are selling used clothes and homegoods, but we want you to come in and talk to us too. We want to know how your husband is doing with his Alzheimer’s. We jump up and down with news of a new baby on the way. We love to see old friends come back so we can make sure they are doing well. We give hugs for lost jobs, lost family members and the loss of pets. We will gladly hold your baby while you shop!

mary and sam.jpg

That is the main reason we do the Friday night happy hours at Queenie’s. It has turned into a great gathering of friends, new and old. The core group that we can always count on being there didn’t know each other before Queenie’s. But now, they check on each other to see if they need anything. They look after each other. They are genuinely concerned about each other. They meet at Queenie’s to check in and boost each other’s spirits. And in doing so, they certainly boost ours. The core group also consists of a few regulars who just need to unwind and talk out the crazy week of juggling life in this hectic world. Queenie’s gives them a place to come sit down, have a glass of wine, and feel like someone cares.

friday night.jpg

Hey, that kind of reminds me of a certain tv show that I loved. Even though we aren’t a bar, you know when you walk in the door that you will find someone behind the counter that cares about you. So, join us anytime, not just Friday night. You may just become our “Norm”!



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